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What is GO NOGO?

Meet GO NOGO, a group of experienced and certified test managers and coordinators who employ the most effective methods and tools for SAP testing. We work to find the right balance of manual and automated testing and collaborate with both internal and external teams to ensure the best results. By

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Testing Team

Manual testing should be performed by a combination of internal and external resources. The availability of resources and cost should be considered when determining the proportion of internal vs external testers. A common approach is to use external testers to find bugs and validate results, while internal testers validate the

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The pitfall of V-Model

Watch of the pitfalls when you choose the V-model! Do not assign a real hard entry and exit criteria to test approached and expect all those to work together before going to the next level.  Spend less time in unit testing, integrate your system testing with your system testing and

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Effortlessly Test Your SAP with Tosca

In an earlier session, we have been discussing the test automation tools appropriate for the SAP upgrade or migration to SAP4HANA. Tosca is a test automation tool that is suitable for automating tests related to SAP upgrades or migrations to SAP4HANA. It works by using component-based “Lego blocks” that can

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Testing Tools

While conducting tests, in order to keep track of any past or failed tests it’s crucial to log the results. With so many testing tools available, it can be overwhelming to try to decide which one is best for your needs. That’s where our framework can help. It’s designed to

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SAP Defect types

Never say defect to a bug and focus on your end customer. But never ignore the defects either.  For better execution process in testing, defect logging is crucial as well as the classification of defects. Here is more about defects by WIM COREMANS in the following video: More Videos

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How to execute testing

ERP testing is more than just finding a bug. Spending inefficient time on finding bugs makes you test several times while having the same results. This might lead to Test Blindness. If the process is working fine automation can be the answer. Here is more on how to execute the

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Everybody hates SAP testing, try SAP validation instead.

Don t put your test resources into the fire

Effective resource management in testing is crucial. It is time-consuming to allocate the business team according to the planning. Not all the best users are made to do the execution as well as the testing. So the overrun time and budget may kill your dedicated resources. The following video of

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How to organize testing

When testing is not organized in a professional way, the cost of test efforts is 10x as high as it should be. That’s why a good testing strategy is crucial to ensure a smooth launch. A good strategy is always making choices between when to test, how you will execute

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Test Model

There is an appropriate test model for your SAP immigrations. Each model has different parameters based on your business processes and system components.  In this video, Wim is explaining each test model quadrant in depth. More Videos

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