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How to execute testing

ERP testing is more than just finding a bug. Spending inefficient time on finding bugs makes you test several times while having the same results. This might lead to Test Blindness. If the process is working fine automation can be the answer. Here is more on how to execute the

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Everybody hates SAP testing, try SAP validation instead.

Don t put your test resources into the fire

Effective resource management in testing is crucial. It is time-consuming to allocate the business team according to the planning. Not all the best users are made to do the execution as well as the testing. So the overrun time and budget may kill your dedicated resources. The following video of

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How to organize testing

When testing is not organized in a professional way, the cost of test efforts is 10x as high as it should be. That’s why a good testing strategy is crucial to ensure a smooth launch. A good strategy is always making choices between when to test, how you will execute

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Test Model

There is an appropriate test model for your SAP immigrations. Each model has different parameters based on your business processes and system components.  In this video, Wim is explaining each test model quadrant in depth. More Videos

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When should you test?

The moment of testing all depends of the methodology you used during the implementation of your system. That means Waterfall, Agile, a hybrid model and Deve0ps will be used in different scenarios. Each project has it’s own rhythm in terms of testing.  But, just make sure you don’t use Waterfall

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What is qTest?

This is the best tool for your test management process👇 If you ask our CEO, Wim Coremans how to succeed in your test management process, he will for sure talk about Q-test There are 3 main reasons why he thinks it’s the best tool in town for  test management: You

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