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Testing Tools

While conducting tests, in order to keep track of any past or failed tests it’s crucial to log the results. With so many testing tools available, it can be overwhelming to try to decide which one is best for your needs. That’s where our framework can help. It’s designed to make your decision-making process easier […]

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SAP Defect types

Never say defect to a bug and focus on your end customer. But never ignore the defects either.  For better execution process in testing, defect logging is crucial as well as the classification of defects. Here is more about defects by WIM COREMANS in the following video: More Videos

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What is qTest?

This is the best tool for your test management process👇 If you ask our CEO, Wim Coremans how to succeed in your test management process, he will for sure talk about Q-test There are 3 main reasons why he thinks it’s the best tool in town for  test management: You can check everything on your

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