ERP testing is like driving in a traffic jam

“Very frustrating & time consuming”, dixit internal SAP business users who are requested by the project team to spend their precious time to do a dummy task, called testing.

Yes, let’s call testing a non-valuable task. At least when users are treated as resources to check the maturity of a SAP system too early. Let’s dive deeper into detail as to how testing can turn into a validation process where end users feel the value of giving their approval.

  1. SAP projects are difficult, more specifically in migrating their software from ECC to S/4HANA. Project implementors often ask internal business resources too early in the validation process. This leads to false expectations in the mind of the end user, who would expect that their intellectual input would be used in an efficient way. Sorry, this is not the case. As most end users are involved in taking over the dummy testing tasks of the implementor, who does not like to test. GO NOGO does not agree with this misuse of the most valuable internal resources and proposes alternative solutions. 

  1. SAP testing is organized in a amateuristic way and is often not based on a validated test strategy. A test strategy offers you the choice between early/late testing, manual/automated testing, black/white box testing, internal/external use of testers. It is imperative that this test strategy is well thought through and validated by the business before starting the test process. As it shall act as a base for a good test process.

  1. Manual testing is precise but time consuming, automated testing is fast and at low cost. However, before going into automated testing, one must make the decision when exactly a sub-process is ready to automate. Tricentis, an official partner of SAP, has different tools like Qtest & TOSCA to facilitate automated testing.

With GO NOGO, an official partner of Tricentis, we can get out of this traffic jam. Facilitating the use of these tools and solutions to any customer who has the right ambitions for a successful implementation.

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