This script discusses the evolving role of test managers and testers according to ISTQB 4.0. In the past, there were distinct roles for test managers and testers, but now the difference is less important. The test manager is responsible for overall test process and leadership, which can be performed by various professionals, such as project managers, development managers, or quality assurance managers.

In Agile software development, some test management tasks may be handled by the Agile team itself, making the role of a test manager less necessary in Agile approaches. However, for SAP implementation or upgrade projects, the test manager’s role remains crucial due to the need for stakeholder management, providing test strategy and planning, team management, risk management, and quality assurance.

The script emphasizes that while double roles may work in small software development, they can be overwhelming and impractical for larger projects, ERP implementations, and upgrades. The responsibilities involved would likely lead to burnout, raising questions about how a test manager’s role could be fulfilled by a team leader, development manager, or tester in such complex scenarios.

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