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Test blindness is the result of teams testing the same over and over again. Testing is much more than just checking for bugs. it’s checking whether you get the result that your stakeholder needs. It’s time to stop spending time on executing SAP test cases and validate test results instead.…

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We’re thrilled to announce our brand new video series containing deep insights into the world of Testing.  We kept getting questions around testing strategies & tactics which we wanted to share with the world. So we asked our CEO, Wim Coremans to explain, show, demonstrate and advise content around topics…

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Are you interested in learning software? You have an international mindset? Are you eager to work in a start-up? You studied IT or Business engineering? Does that sound like you? Then join our growing team, GO NOGO is hiring! Send your CV to: wim.coremans@gonogo.eu

“Very frustrating & time consuming”, dixit internal SAP business users who are requested by the project team to spend their precious time to do a dummy task, called testing. Yes, let’s call testing a non-valuable task. At least when users are treated as resources to check the maturity of a SAP system…

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